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Types of Stoves and log burners

Stoves have been there in the past and are still there; several people use stoves instead because it is affordable and easy to use. Stoves are useful, and there are several types of them, let us discuss the various types of Stoves.

Wood-burning stoves

This stove uses wood to create heat and fire; it’s an old fashioned one because it has a total difference from the current stoves. Some people still use Wood- burning stores because they are affordable since they use wood; they are mostly used in rural areas because wood is available.

Gas Stoves

This is the most used now days just as per its name a gas stove uses propane. It’s easy to use this gas since it has a burner where pots and pans are placed.

Electric Stoves

Just like it’s me, this stove uses electricity; you simply plug them in an electrical outlet. Unlike wood and gas stove, the electric stove is more portable.