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::What is the best way to wash silk fabric? Can I use a fabric softener in the wash water?::
Author:admin Source: Add Time:5/13/2005 7:40:36 PM

Launder washable silks in lukewarm water with a mild detergent or an inexpensive liquid dishwashing detergent. Shampoo also can be used in a pinch, but it's quite expensive and contains conditioners silk fabrics don't need. If necessary, use heavy-duty detergent sparingly on heavily soiled inner neckbands and cuffs only--the builders in these could harm the silk if used consistently. Add a little fabric softener to the wash water, if desired, to control static electricity. It won't damage the silk.

What is the best way to wash silk fabric? Can I use a fabric softener in the wash water?-What is the best way to wash silk fabric? Can I use a fabric softener in the wash water?

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      What is the best way to wash silk fabric? ...

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